List of products by brand Trust-Fire

Trust Fire produce high quality torches at great prices. including EDC and weapon mounted. 

Producing high performance professional flashlights, TRUSTFIRE has proven that top-notch products do not necessarily need to be expensive. The company, founded in 2004, focused in providing cutting edge technology associated with affordable prices and putting together a wide range of flashlights which are designed to fit your every need.


All Trustfire models were built based on the highest standard of quality, durability and ease of use. Built in aircraft aluminum alloy with CNC made anodized metal shell and presenting a hard-anodized finishing, it can last for ages.


The models A8, TR-168A-T6, TR-T1 and Z5 for example, belong to the TACTICAL SERIES. They were design for those who are normally dealing with active, think-fast situations, being suitable for  security companies, police staff, firemen, self-defense, rescue, Army Forces and so on.


The models TR-D003, TR-D008 (Cycling) and TR-DF002 and TR-DF007 (Diving), in their turn, are specifically designed to be used for these sports. You can find them in our SPORTS SERIES. Other models such as C8-T6 and TR-3T6 can be used for hunting, hiking and climbing.


But if you are looking for bulky and powerful flashlights you must check out our PRO SERIES and amaze yourself with what Trustfire has to offer. Models such as J18 (8000 LUMENS), J12 and X6 (SST-90 LED) can light everything around you with the CREE and LUMINUS LED technology.