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7968 by Tokyo Marui
  • 7968 by Tokyo Marui

Tokyo Marui SP GBB Gas blow back

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? Cylinder : The 15mm cylinder allows a powerful blowback recoil and stable shooting.

? Safety & Decocking System : The safety lever is functional and allows the operator to decock the gun.

? Single & Double Action : The SP can shoot in single action (manual cocking of the hammer by arming the slide and pull the trigger) or double action (pulling the trigger cocks the hammer that will "Fire" the first shot when automatically released).

? Metal Extractor : The extractor is replicated as a single part (not molded into the slide) and is made from metal material.

? Under Mount Rail : The original USP rail is specific to HK guns. A 20mm Picatinny rail spare part is included with the gun and allows the installation of accessories such as tactical lights.

? Ambidextrous Magazine Catch Lever : The magazine catch lever can be operted from both the sides of the USP Compact.

? Diecast Magazine : The 25rds spare magazine is made out of diecast metal and resist to low temperatures. (USP Compact magazine does not fit this full sized version of the USP)